Monte Sixeri Estate

A wonderful natural setting, between the countryside and the sea.

The residence that can be characterized as a total relax: comfortable accommodations, perfect cuisine, swimming pools and play areas among the farm animals and the green of nature – all to experience the pleasure of a holiday with your family.

Home Residenze di Campagna San Giuliano Alghero

Walking through our residences in Alghero, you will find many traces of Domenico Manca and his endless love for Sardinia anyway: among the residences, the restaurant and the other buildings.
You will find the same entrepreneurial spirit that helped him to create the paradigm of production excellence, which is concentrated in San Giuliano olive oil of Alghero, and known as one of the best extra-virgin oil’s in the whole world.
You will discover the same principles that have always inspired Domenico in almost half of a century of his business activity: quality, punctuality, precision and continuity.
The Monte Sixeri Estate is the natural continuation of this far-sighted business approach. Here, next to the newly planted olive trees, is located a perfect habitat with the characteristic Mediterranean sea.
For Domenico it was quite natural to make the decision for solving the land, to evaluate it within the main concept – full respect to the land’s soul, where love for the nature and the readiness for giving a new life to the things of the past are combining together with the admirable harmony.
At the farm, we can feel his pride and ability to love and make this little corner of Sardinia so precious.

Nature, the great protagonist

A magnificent valley, where buildings and environment meet and intertwine naturally, in a pleasant and harmonious way.
Our guests could enjoy the unforgettable views: 60 hectares of cultivated land, grazing pastures, odorous Mediterranean scrub, spectacular view of the Alghero city, uncontaminated nature’s views – up to the sea.
A nature that you feel on your skin, when you walking under the rays of the sun, or at the sunset, when you breathing the cool evening breeze, in the relaxation on your terrace.
The Monte Sixeri Estate can be characterized as an extraordinary and intense contact with silence and peace; the life and regenerating force of nature and it’s elements.

Villa Santa Barbara Peonie Residenze di Campagna San Giuliano Alghero
Piscina Residenze Barbara Residenze di Campagna San Giuliano Alghero

Monte Sixeri Estate is composed of 20 houses for the guest’s disposal: 17 apartments of different sizes, 2 villini and 2 villas.
The accommodations are organized into 4 separate residential clusters:
The Country Residences: 5 apartments at the lower end of the Country Residence;
The Borgo (Village): 12 apartments and 2 villini in the most panoramic place at the summit of the Monte Sixeri;
Villa of Ulivo, which is surrounded by 12 hectares of olive groves and is located in 200 meters from Reception and the Restaurant.
All of the buildings are the result of a clever architectural restoration of the antique properties of the farm (farmhouse, stables and storage facilities), in a sophisticated mix of traditional furnishings and precious inserts of modernity. Our residences are complete with all necessary facilities for making your accommodation comfortable and enjoyable.


Fist of all it is about tranquility and relaxation, immersed in the green countryside, instinctive pleasure of living in harmony with the environment, surrounded by the fascinated ancient and magical Mediterranean island.
It is about the freedom to spend a holiday in a comfortable accommodation, fulfilled with sophisticated elegance and without compromising on the comforts with small and big details that will help to feel at home.
It is about making your children happy, giving them the opportunity to run around, play, swim and generally have great time every day, thanks to new extraordinary discoveries.
It is about coming into a contact with the persons that working hard with care and dedication in our farm, who are ready to make a conversation about themselves, about the area, it’s traditions and their love for nature.
It is about pleasure of sampling the flavors and dishes of the Sardinian agro-pastoral tradition – a gastronomic culture, that is based on a high quality ingredients, and as the major principles have the authenticity and quality.
It is about the practicality of being able to access the main tourists and cultural places in a short time such as: wonderful beaches and bays lapped by the azure waves, the animated life of Alghero, with its fascinating Catalan soul, exceptional nature reserves and delightful historical and archeological hotspots, as well as inviting food and wine routes.
But above all, it is about the joy of being together and living the vacation in its most personal and authentic dimension.

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